Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Annual General Meeting

Meeting Agenda

i) greetings!
ii) critical thinking exercise overview and discussion
iii) board presentation
iv) committee presentations
a) legal committee:
presentation of proposed new bylaws
-q & a
presentation of proposed new certificate of formation (a.k.a articles of incorporation)
-q & a

b) finance committee:
overview of 2011 actuals
equity disbursement proposal

c) maintenance committee:
2011 project overview
                        -pest control
fall/winter 2011 & 2012 projection
-house painting workday

d) garden committee:
2011 project overview
                        -tree care
fall/winter 2011 & 2012 projection
-vegetable and herb garden
-perennial planting

v) board reelection
vi) closing discussion

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