Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Save The Date Letter

Dear Sunflower Members,

We are at an important step in our growth and development for future generations of Sunflower Members. Our Annual General Meeting was well attended and laid the groundwork for the next evolution of the Cooperative. Your input is appreciated in the process as we update our bylaws and certificate of formation as well as begin the dividend dispersal process.

We are excited that our cooperation and persistence is paying off! We are bringing much light and clarity to the process and are very close to moving on to the next chapter in Sunflower Coop history. Our goal is to have an inclusive and transparent process that resolves outstanding financial and legal issues, creating a solid foundation for future Sunnies.

The Sunflower Board, Legal Working Group and the Dividends Working Group will host 2, two hour sessions to cover any questions that Sunflower Members may have about the upcoming changes. (Most of which are technical in nature and are based on Texas State Cooperative laws.) We have compiled a number of documents , including answers to all questions brought up over the past few years and at the Annual Meeting. We invite you to update your contact information so we may send you these documents in advance.

Here's how you can help!
Save the Dates for the Special Meeting and at least one Question and Answer Session.
Please contact us to update your information and your preferred method of receiving copies of background materials.
(We prefer to save paper and postage by sending info digitally, however we are happy to send physical copies if requested.)

Be prepared! The April 1st vote is the culmination of hundreds of hours of cooperation, preparation, and attention to detail. We ask that voters invest the time to understand the proposed changes by reviewing the following documents before attending the Q & A Session.
  • Drafts of Proposed Bylaws and Certificate of Formation
  • Compiled Questions and Answers from the working groups
  • Texas State Code (as background for technical changes in Bylaws)
  • Proposed Dividend Disbursement Plan
  • Form and Procedure for Voluntary Membership Termination
  • Form and Procedure for Donation of Dividends
  • Proposed Special Meeting Agenda

February 11th: Noon-2PM, Question and Answer Session #1

March 4th: Noon-2PM, Question and Answer Session #2

Attend the Special Meeting on April 1st, 2012

This year, marks an important transition in the Sunflower Coop moving forward, and we are excited for you to be a part of it! Thank you for taking the time to update your information and mark your calendar for the upcoming events. We look forward to hosting y'all again very soon for a celebration.
Happy Holidays from your friends at the Sunflower Cooperative!