Monday, June 20, 2016

Sunflower works up a sweat for Spring Garden

Sunflower works up a sweat for 
Spring Garden!

It is known that Bobette is our Garden Guru. And there are times when even a guru needs to call in the reinforcements. It is the whole coops shared joy (and responsibility) to bring life to our garden. Preparing the garden for spring planting is a sweaty business, fortunately, we have 8 roommates to share the load.

"Anything worth having is worth working for" - my dad.   Let me tell you, this garden is a gorgeous part of what makes Sunflower magical.

Thank you to all who sweated the way to a gorgeous garden!

This is Sarah. Super cute!
CJ workin it!

Chris looking like a pro.
Dave and Bobbette turning soil to prepare to plant.

And ps...yes I took the pictures, but I also did some work here - just no photos to prove it ;)  ~ Amanda B.


  1. Nice work, you guys. I like the words your father said..."Anything worth having is worth working for"...i completely agree with this myself.