Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Years Update


Sunflower Co-op will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Sunday January 27th. The potluck is at noon and the meeting will be at 1PM. An invitation as well as copies of proposed bylaws, an agenda, ballot, and other useful materials will be mailed out to arrive thirty days before the meeting. All previous residents are invited to attend. We will be having a nice feast and voting on the new by-laws!

New Years Update:

So, the Sunnies have returned from their respective winter breaks and bringing in what will hopefully be a great new year to Sunflower Co-Op. There's been no shortage of energy and abundance in the house, however as we had some wonderful guests Eva and Johnny staying in the Co-op.  

The new Sunnies are making a smooth transition to the community. Grant, Dwight, Ellar and Sarah are bringing their cooking, art making, acrobatic yoga, music, and positive energy and really committing to making Sunflower Co-Op a wonderful community in its newest form.

The Co-op just made a major renovation! The bathroom was entirely redone with new floors, a new shower and a whole new look. We are continuing to contribute value into the house, as well as making it look nice and comfortable for Sunnies. The renovations were done relatively painless throughout the Christmas break when many members were gone, and luckily there weren't too many surprise expenses.

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