Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Update

Oh my, I meant to update more often!

We've had quite a bit going on here at The Sunflower. We were all excited about the special meeting, and quite disappointing to have to set it back. The lawyer needed to make some last minute clarifications with our accountant, and apparently March and April are a bit busy for folks who file taxes. We should have the legal red-lines available very soon and the board is meeting tomorrow to regroup. We'll definitely publish a new time table as soon as one is available.

Chris left to travel, and in his stead is Jeff. We had a Goodbye/Welcoming party during the transition at The Gypsy Lounge and got to see the Underscore Orchestra, That Damned Band, and The Inheritance.

Every new Sunnie introduces change, and Jeff helped convince the house to invest in chickens! So far we have a Rhode Island Red, a Production Red, a Buff Orpington, and an Americana. And, like, 1/8th of a chicken coop, Heaven help me..Here are the older two girls, the reds:

In the meantime, our little home has loved this rainy spring. The garden is coming along beautifully - so much so that we couldn't wait another day for the tomatoes and enjoyed them fried and green thanks to Emma's culinary artistry...

The rain promises to keep falling, and the garden is more beautiful than ever. Stop on by and pick some basil some time, won't you?

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